The Winter Has Ended

After a very severe and hard winter, isn’t time to take action?  

What value does your comfort and safety have on top of energy savings on your utility bill?

For a modest fee you can receive a comprehensive report and proposal for many

kinds of long-lasting energy improvements.   This fee includes a follow-up visit following any improvements.   In Wisconsin, if you heat with a major gas utility, you can receive an instant discount of 33.3% up to $1,250.    If you income is modest, you can receive a 75% discount up to $2,000 for insulation and air sealing work.  In addition, you get up to twelve energy saving lightbulbs at the visit.  This includes one LED light bulb.

No matter where you live, your utility company may also offer rebates and incentives and sometimes programs to help you with your home energy.

Why not act now!  The same work absolutely helps with cooling costs in summer.