Wisconsin Residents get 3 Free LED Light Bulbs

Any Wisconsin resident, having an electric account with most major utility companies, can register online and get three free LED light bulbs.

These LED’s give out a bright 800 lumens, use only 6 watts, and last for 25,000 hours (a very long time).

Just go to the “focusonenergy.com” website, click on “for your home”, select “simple energy efficiency” to find the online offer.   Fill in the information requested and your package will arrive in a month or so.   You can also call 866-543-9303.

The real surprise will be the fanciest packaging that I have ever seen!

The package has abundant graphics, handouts, and even instructions. You get the three LED bulbs and hot water saving devices (shower head, kitchen faucet aereator, bath faucet aereator) that save on hot water use.

I show some pictures so you can see the packages and items right away.

FOELEDPack 002

FOELEDPack 004

FOELEDPack 006